Exposition Femicide

  • Date: 12 March
  • Location: Atrium City Hall

From February 26, 9 a.m. to March 20, 4 p.m., the exhibition Femicide will be on display at the Atrium The Hague.

Every 8 days a woman is murdered in the Netherlands, often by her (ex)partner and almost always because she decides to leave the relationship. 6 in 10 femicide victims are killed by their (ex)partner. Women are disproportionately more often killed by their (ex-)partner or a family member than men. The exhibition FEMICIDE alerts, informs and gives a face to victims of deadly (ex-)partner violence against women and a voice to their survivors.

See and read the PORTRETS and STORIES of FEMICIDE

"We can't save her anymore, we can tell our story and warn other women about femicide."

Research on femicide shows that there are distinct phases and specific signs (red flags) that significantly increase the likelihood of escalation of violence or even a fatal/fatal outcome. These signals and red flags fall under a specific form of (ex-)partner violence, namely intimate terror. Examples of intimate terror include; coercive control, stalking, psychological manipulation and physical and sexual violence. When one (re)knows these phases and signals, femicide can be prevented.

That is why the Open Mind Foundation, The Hague municipality and the relatives of femicide victims are joining forces to draw attention to these red flags/signals, to inform the general public and to pass on tips from the relatives to victims, bystanders, professionals and society. We hope this will alert women in violent relationships, motivate them to get out of it with the right help, and reduce the number of femicide victims.

The exhibition will also be on display outdoors from February 20 through March 12 in Scheveningen (next to the Holland Casino on Gevers Deynootweg).

*Want information and help for survivors, victims and bystanders? Or would you like to stop using violence yourself? View: www.linktr.ee/femicide.expositie

Atrium City Hall

Spui 70
2511 BT, Den Haag

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