Talkshow: MediaMeiden

  • Date: 08 March 19:30 - 20:00
  • Location: Beeld & Geluid Den Haag

Media girls Fanny van de Reijt and Tamar Bot, known for their podcast of the same name, are coming to The Hague! On International Women's Day, March 8, they will be guests at Beeld & Geluid in The Hague. In an upbeat talk show with presenter Bert van Leeuwen (Het Familiediner) they will talk about their book 'Almost nothing happens by chance', about their lives as Hilversum-based editors.

What is prepping and is it really the same as fluffing? How do you call off a BN'er half an hour before the broadcast? How do you get your guest to deliver, and why do editors send each other pies? And of course the question ... are women bossing men around? That and much more will be discussed on March 8 in The Hague.

For those who don't happen to have Almost Nothing Happens yet, it will be on sale this evening. And afterwards the Mediameids will be ready to sign your copy.


Tamar Bot and Fanny van de Reijt write candidly and humorously about their experiences behind the scenes of the daily talk show. At a time when there is increasing criticism of the work culture in the TV world, these seasoned editors report on the Hilversum snake pit from the inside.

In Almost nothing happens by accident it all comes together: the good, the bad, the glam.


'They are perhaps the best-known editors in the Media Park: Tamar Bot and Fanny van de Reijt. Together, with experience at programs such as Jinek, De Wereld Draait Door and Media Inside, they not only have a considerable amount of experience. They also present a popular podcast about "their" behind-the-scenes world: The Media Maids. - Broadcast Magazine

'Thanks to Fanny van de Reijt and Tamar Bot, the Hilversum snake pit has become a lot less toxic in one fell swoop. One of the most fun podcasts our country has.' - LINDA

'Tamar Bot and Fanny van de Reijt conquered the talk podcast landscape this year with their stories from behind the scenes of 'Hillywood'.' - VPRO Guide

'The media girls know how to bring it funny, but also flawlessly portray the craziness of the TV world, and the high voltage you are under as an editor.' - [Trouw

'The chemistry between the two presenters is clearly audible, it sounds cozy. It's as if you're having tea or coffee with them at the table and want to join in the conversation about the topics they're discussing.' - Jury Report Dutch Podcast Awards

Ticket: 7.50 euros

Beeld & Geluid Den Haag

Zeestraat 82
2518 AD Den Haag

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