Impunity Watch is an international, non-profit organisation working with victims to uproot deeply ingrained structures of impunity, deliver redress for grave human rights violations, and promote justice and peace.

Our joint work with victims, survivors, and communities affected by serious human rights violations is at the heart of everything we do.

We analyse, advocate, and partner to help local communities seek accountability for gross human rights abuses and for systemic injustice. In our work, we adopt a bottom-up, participatory, and context-sensitive approach, and support victims and survivors in exercising their rights. Our work is legal, social, and political. 

IW began its work in 2004, in response to calls from Guatemalan human rights groups for greater support in their struggle for redress after the internal armed conflict of 1960-1996. It was registered as an independent foundation in 2008 in the Netherlands. Today, IW works in a wide range of countries and has offices in Burundi, Guatemala, and The Netherlands.

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