Revolution in Iran

  • Date: 06 February 19:30
  • Location: Nieuwspoort

Come to this Spreeek event about the Iranian Revolution on February 6! 

Will the protests prove fatal to the regime? Iran has been on fire for months. The ongoing wave of protests by a new generation is rocking the regime of the ancient ayatollahs like never before. What is the future of this powerful Middle Eastern country? In Revolution in Iran, Paul Aarts takes you inside Iran's rapidly changing society.

What drives Iranians to take to the streets -- at the risk of their own lives -- again and again? How can the country be so strictly religious and at the same time so modern? Is this now country with so many ‘TikTok youths’ that they are seriously compromising a theocratic regime? And what does the domestic turmoil in Iran mean for the world? With its drones, Iran is actively interfering in the Ukraine war — and, no one can ignore this oil and gas giant. What awaits the world if this regime, one that is also firmly at the controls of numerous neighbouring countries, falls?

Paul Aarts is a Middle East expert at the University of Amsterdam and Thomas van Zijl is a presenter for Haagsch College and BNR Nieuwsradio.

Practical Information

Evening 6 February 2023

Walk-in: 19:00 hrs. Start: 19:30 (there will be a break in between) End: 21:30 hrs. Ticket price regular: €17.50, for gatekeepers (members of Nieuwspoort) the ticket price is €15.

You can come and have a bite to eat beforehand. If you would like to, you may order the Chef's Special a €14,50 (Taco shells, spiced minced meat, rice, kidney beans, salsa, guacamole or Taco shells, chickpeas, rice, kidney beans, salsa, guacamole). If you come to eat a bite beforehand, you are welcome in the restaurant of Nieuwspoort from 18:00.

In collaboration with: Nieuwspoort 

Main language: Dutch 

Theme: Spreeek about Society 

Access: 17,50

For more information, and to purchase tickets, please click here.


Bezuidenhoutseweg 67
2594AC, The Hague

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