Where once the archers of the Saint Sebastian Guild gathered, there is now the Historical Museum of The Hague. Beautifully situated on the Hofvijver, in the middle of the historical centre of The Hague. Here you will learn everything about the history and development of the city of The Hague. Beautiful paintings and special objects bring this story to life.

Typically The Hague

The Hague has many faces: centre of government, Hofstad, international city of peace and justice, Beatstad - but The Hague is also the city of ADO and The Hague stork. The Hague Historical Museum reflects all these facets in its exhibitions and in the diverse permanent collection. Overlooking the most famous pond in the Netherlands, the Hofvijver, you can see the development of the city on a digital growth chart. Cityscapes from different periods show the life of the past. The city's long history as the political and administrative centre of the Netherlands becomes clear here. And even though the King has his working palace here, The Hague is not a capital city. With the court came the need for luxury goods, while hospices and orphanages took care of the city's poor. The Hague's chic and its ordinary citizens lived next to and with each other. Hats and caps alternated.