Just Peace Open Day 2023

Explore peace and justice in The Hague

On September 24, the Just Peace Open Day 2023 will take place again! This entire day, The Hague will be in the theme of peace and justice! 

Have you ever walked past an imposing building in The Hague and thought ‘I wonder what goes on in there?’ Here’s your chance to find out! Several (inter)national organisations will open their doors to the public. Learn, see and experience how these insitutions are working on Peace and Justice!

Walk the corridors of power, get an inside view of international justice, or just marvel at the beautiful architecture. There’s something for everyone!

Additionally, we will organize several Just Peace Walking Tours in different parts of the city. These torurs will not only give out information about the institutions that house in the region, but also walk past monuments commemorating past events that relate to the tour-topic, as well as street art expressing current sentiments! Explore The Hague, international city of peace and justice in a whole different way!

We will announce the full program and open registrations soon. Want to secure your spot? Sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest updates.

Just Peace Open Day 2023