How do we talk about peace and justice?

Creative approaches from the Just Peace Open Day

During Just Peace Month’s Open Day, The Hague Humanity Hub in collaboration with their members and other inspiring organisations, hosted a variety of interactive, inspiring, and fun activities open to everyone.

“No War Peace Theater” Group

The “No War Peace Theater” Group is comprised of a large group of architects, teachers, writers, artists, designers, and carpenters who created an inspiring art project promoting world peace. The group designed an architecturally unique pavilion meant to be a public space for peaceful reflection and enjoyment.

Youth Peace Initiative: Workshop on Conflict Resolution

The Youth Peace Initiative (YPI) is a youth led organisation promoting the inclusion of youth in peace and reconciliation processes. YPI held a workshop discussing the fundamentals of creating a “safe space” for dialogue. Throughout the day, members of YPI also went around to ask people ‘What does peace mean to you?’:

ART WORKS Projects: Photography Exhibition

The ART WORKS Projects utilize the power of photography and documentary film to raise awareness and educate the public about some of the most pervasive and grave human rights violations. During the Just Peace Open Day, the ART WORKS Projects provided a slideshow of inescapable, yet inspiring, photographs of different communities affected by human rights violations.

Hogeschool InHolland: Podcast Pop-Up Wheel

The Hogeschool Inholland created an inspiring Just Peace-themed pop-up podcast through a spinning wheel. The wheel was comprised of questions and statements inspired by justice and peace. Participants’ reactions to the statement or question that they landed on were recorded and compiled into a podcast.

Colours for Peace: Kids Drawing Workshop

The Colours for Peace is a non-profit association that promotes children’s art internationally to reduce cultural, social and economic distances between countries. Attendees were encouraged to draw and could donate their drawings to the Color for Peace project to be showcased in their international exhibition.

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Written by Ryan Geerlings