125 Years City of Peace and Justice

2024 marks the 125th anniversary since the first Hague Peace Conference took place. A historic moment that marked the beginning of a new era for the city of The Hague. Join us in celebrating the journey of a city that transitioned from a local government city into the global center for peace and justice! 

The city of The Hague is proud to celebrate this special anniversary of ‘125 years City of Peace & Justice’. During 2024 there will be a year round programme around this theme, focused on learning from the past and looking towards the future.

Only together can we achieve peace. Everyone, both in The Hague and in the rest of the world, deserves to live in peace. Regardless of culture, nationality, gender or religion. How do you define peace?

Join the conversation, learn more about the city's history and join us in looking towards the future during '125 years City of Peace and Justice'. Keep an eye on Just Peace for news, stories and events related to this special celebration.


125 years ago, during a time of great wars and the European arms race, several countries met for the first time with the goal of striving for international peace and preventing wars. This happened during the first Hague Peace Conference. The Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA) was established and settled in the Peace Palace: a place where nations could go to on a voluntary basis to resolve their conflicts peacefully.

Ever since, many important international organizations, tribunals and courts have settled in the city: The Hague has become the international city of Peace and Justice. Additionally, modern technology and the power of entrepreneurship play a vital role in the ecosystem of the city. This makes The Hague the perfect place for impact startups, companies and talented individuals who want to work towards a just, safe and better world. Ever since the first Hague Peace Conference, people in the city from all over the world are working every single day to prevent and settle conflicts worldwide.