MTM ON TOUR: Erasing Frank

  • Date: 11 December 15:00
  • Location: Filmhuis Den Haag

In Budapest in 1983, Frank and his underground punk band give a riveting show. However, the band is arrested during the performance for ‘anti-state arousal and propaganda’. With the help of his friend Anna, Frank manages to avoid jail and is placed in an open ward of the psychiatric institution where Hanna works. There, many artists, writers, pacifists, and intellectuals are ‘recovering from stress’.

Despite the relative freedom in the open ward, Frank has trouble holding on to his sanity. Together with like-minded Hanna, he looks for ways to express himself in an environment which represses all individuality. In often surreal, dreamlike sequences, Frank interacts with many interesting characters along the way - such as the ageing Dr. Eros, who warns him to start supporting ‘the most progressive regime in the world’. Is there a way for Frank and Hanna to beat the system?

About Movies that Matter On Tour

On Tour is a spin-off of the Movies that Matter Festival. Each year, they select eight great festival titles that they aim to offer a wide platform throughout the country. In cooperation with (currently) seventeen film theatres and local volunteer groups, they screen a film or documentary that matters, every month from October to May. The screenings are accompanied by in-depth programmes and guest speakers arranged by local groups. In this way, they encourage dialogue and broaden perspectives in local contexts.

Language: Hungarian

Subtitles: English

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Filmhuis Den Haag

Spui 191
2511 BN The Hague

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