Find Out Why

Find Out Why is an independent, not-for-profit organization created to promote digital fluency through civic engagement and innovation with impact.

At Find Out Why the driving purpose behind our work is:

to inspire citizens to wield agency within the digital landscape: to engage, to create and to even challenge digital content.

Find Out Why fosters healthy participation in digital society to raise the value of trustworthy information online, and to expand the meaningful impact of digital fluency for good.

Find Out Why loves working with people who care, who have knowledge and skills, who have opinions and ideas about how to make the world better.

At Find Out Why we realize it is not easy to combat the negative disruptions that include: election interference, disinformation, deep fakes, identity theft and even trolling. We believe that as fellow citizens in civil society it is important to ask questions and align with organizations and individuals who are trustworthy.

Our work

We create opportunities for citizens to holistically embrace the concept of digital fluency.