About Just Peace

Just Peace

The Hague breathes peace and justice. Our ambition is to build on this foundation, with the aim of giving peace and justice an important place in the hearts and actions of our residents, entrepreneurs, and organisations. Just Peace is a public facing programme aiming to showcase the variety of ways that the ecosystem of The Hague is working on peace and justice, both nationally and internationally and to make the idea of an ‘International City of Peace and Justice’ more tangible to its citizens.

The Just Peace programme is a partnership between the Municipality of The Hague and The Hague Humanity Hub, co-created together with numerous contributing organisations working towards a more peaceful and just world in The Hague. The programme consists of two main projects: Just Peace Month and Just Peace online platform.

The Just Peace Month is a month-long programme featuring various public activities and events related to peace and justice topics. This is an excellent opportunity to show how The Hague is working on peace and justice nationally and internationally and to get inspired from the work of the individuals working on a more peaceful and just world.

Just Peace Month 2022 will take place from September 21 – International Day of Peace until October 24 United Nations Day under the overarching theme ‘Hope in times of adversity’. Against the backdrop of multiple crises facing us all across the globe, this year's theme is expected to highlight the myriad of ways in which people are working on justice, humanitarian response, peacebuilding, solidarity and more in these difficult times.

The Just Peace online platform is the online space that allows citizens of The Hague to become part of – and stay engaged in – the peace and justice ecosystem throughout the whole year.

We invite everybody to visit and become a part of Just Peace, be it by joining our events, organising their own event(s) or contributing with inspiring stories to be featured on the online platform. Just Peace is for everyone!