Walking Tours in the International Zone

  • Date: 18 November
  • Location: Museon

The Hague is home to the International Zone where well-known organizations such as Europol, OPCW and the courts of the Peace Palace can be found. Thousands of people here work every day to make the world a better, safer and more just world.

But why does The Hague have this zone?

An area that once was a warzone was transformed into a peacezone. During the tour you will learn about the past, present and future of this special zone in The Hague.

The tour starts in front of the Museon (Stadshouderslaan 37) and ends in front of the Peace Palace (Carnegieplein 2). The duration of the tour is approximately 2 hours.

During the tour we’ll pass: the Museon, the Art Museum The Hague, Europol, the former Yugoslavia Tribunal, the World Forum, Eurojust, the OPCW, the Catshuis, the Embassy District and the Peace Palace. International organizations will not be visited. You can visit many of them during The Hague International Open Day on 16 October.

!SOLD OUT! Saturday 1 October: 11:00 AM. (Dutch)

!SOLD OUT! Sunday 16 October: 09:30 AM (Dutch)

!SOLD OUT! Sunday 16 October: 12:30 PM (English)

!SOLD OUT! Sunday 16 October: 3.30 PM (Dutch)

!SOLD OUT! Friday 18 November: 2:00 PM (English)

!SOLD OUT! Saturday 17 December 10:00 AM (Dutch)

!SOLD OUT! Saturday17 December: 1:00 PM (English)

Online registration for this event is mandatory. You can register by clicking on the events above. 


37 Stadhouderslaan
2517HV, Den Haag

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