Vrede en Reche op je Fiets

  • Date: 05 October
  • Location: Start tour: Grondwetbank

[audiotour in Dutch only]
What do places and images in The Hague tell us about racism and discrimination? Cycle the Peace & Justice on Your Bicycle tour and see the city through a different lens.

Discrimination and racism are not the easiest topics to discuss with your children, but perhaps it works best on a bicycle. Talking about important issues with the wind in your hair and stopping at important points. Together with Den Haag Meldt, Den Haag Fietst! developed the Vrede & Recht op je Fiets-tour. An audio tour that takes you past familiar images and places, relevant stories about these themes. This bicycle tour also gives you the opportunity to discuss them together. There is also an interactive quiz to warm you up.

Are you joining us for Peace and Justice?

Start tour: Grondwetbank

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