The Korean Wave

  • Date: 20 February 19:00 - 21:30
  • Location: Nieuwspoort

We are under the spell of South Korea. From kimchi to K-pop and from Squid Game to Samsung, South Korea is conquering our kitchens, living rooms and pockets. Why does Korean culture suddenly appeal to us so much? And what do we need to know to truly understand the country that is increasingly influencing us culturally?

In “The Korean Wave,” Remco Breuker takes you to a country full of contradictions. A society in which group behaviour, conformity, and obedience seem to call the shots. But also where cultures of rebellion and individuality flourish. A country where the streets are safe, but where the gangster is an important cultural icon.

How could the country evolve from a dictatorship into a free society - unlike its northern neighbor? What traumas and taboos have shaped society? And how do Koreans see their own future? Remco Breuker teaches you “The Korean Wave” the real Korea.

  • Remco Breuker is a Professor of Korea Studies at Leiden University and the author of his new book The Korean Wave, among others.
  • Annette van Soest is a journalist and presenter for Haagsch College and BNR Nieuwsradio

This event is part of SPREEEK, a collaboration of 20+ institutions in The Hague. Together they organise debates and dialogues on topical social issues. shows you what's going on. By means of an extensive agenda, theme pages, inspiring articles and podcasts, you will be taken in all the beauty that The Hague has to offer in terms of debate and dialogue.

Practical information:

Walk-in: 19:00 hrs.

Start: 19:30 (there will be a short break about halfway through the program)

End: 21:30 hours

Ticket Price:

  • Regular: €17.50
  • Gatekeepers (members Nieuwspoort): €15.

You are welcome to come and have a bite to eat beforehand, starting at 18:00.

You can order the Chef's Special for €15,50.

  • Wakadori chicken**,** Fried rice, corn, bean sprouts, oyster sauce, Lombok, cilantro or Tempeh (vegetarian)

Please be aware that this event will be in Dutch.


Bezuidenhoutseweg 67
2594AC, Den Haag

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