Exhibition 300 years of Pinkas

  • Date: 03 June
  • Location: Atrium of the City Hall the Hague

Chaj Foundation and the Hague Municipal Archives present in the illuminated panels in poster wall of the Hague Municipal Archives in the Atrium The Hague through June 3 the Exhibition 300 Years of Pinkas, the protocol of the Ashkenazi Jewish community in The Hague. The Atrium The Hague will be closed on King's Day Thursday, April 27, Liberation Day Friday, May 5, Ascension Day Thursday, May 18, 2023 and 2nd Whit Monday, May 29, 2023.

What is a pinkas?

Pinkas is the Hebrew word for register. A pinkas is a valuable resource on the history of a Jewish congregation with many records of daily activities in and around the synagogue. This exhibition examines the pinkas of the Ashkenazi Jewish community in The Hague.


The first Jews came to the hofstad in the 17th century. These were Sephardic Jews, mainly from Spain and Portugal. Ashkenazi Jews from Germany and Poland followed from the middle of the 17th century. In 1674, the first Ashkenazi Jew, a shochet (ritual slaughterer), settled in the city. In 1723, Ashkenazi Jews in The Hague opened their synagogue on the Brouwersloot behind the Voldersgracht and the Gedempte Gracht (then called Lange Gracht). The building was invisible, as only the Reformed churches were allowed to be seen from the street. With the dedication of the new synagogue, a new pinkas was also opened. This one is 300 years old this year.

Still a Jewish community in The Hague

During the Nazi occupation in 1940-45, most of The Hague's Jews were deported and murdered; only a few managed to go into hiding or endure stays in concentration camps. Nevertheless, there is still a Jewish community in The Hague today.

Bridge between the past and the present

In the exhibition, young people talk about Jewish customs and rituals that are important to them. We read about the meaning of eruv, kosher food and the shul, but also about C'Teen The Hague and Gan Tzemach Hasadeh, the Jewish day care center. Each panel thereby features an excerpt from the rich Pentecostal past in which the same topic is addressed. Thus, this exhibition bridges the past and the present.


The pinkas of the Ashkenazi Jewish community is kept in the archives of the Dutch Israelite Community in The Hague (NIG). This archive is located in the depots of the Hague Municipal Archives.

More information can be found at www.haagsgemeentearchief.nl.

Atrium of the City Hall the Hague

Spui 70
2511 BT Den Haag

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