Palestine at the ICC: Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

  • Date: 01 December 18:00 - 19:30
  • Location: The Grey Space in the Middle

Since, March 2021, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court has been formally investigating alleged crimes that took place in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. However, there has been limited progress since then. Delayed justice is justice denied, and this urgently needs critical discussion and action.

During this discussion on December 1, co-organized by the International Insitute of Social Studies, participants will hear from experts, including three human rights advocates from Palestine, and two international legal experts. The expert panellists will discuss the ICC's Palestine file, looking at crimes committed by all sides of the conflict as well as the crime of apartheid.


Several experts will join us during this important discussion:

The discussion will be moderated by Jeff Handmaker, Associate Professor at the International Institute of Social Studies

How do I attend?

The event takes place in person at Grey Space in the Middle and online. To get the link for the zoom session and for more information, click here.

The Grey Space in the Middle

Paviljoensgracht 20
The Hague

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