Oranjehotel Workshop: Expressions of Hope

  • Date: 19 October 14:00 - 14:45
  • Location: Nationaal Monument Oranjehotel

Uncertain is the fate of the prisoners in the Oranjehotel, the nickname of the Scheveningen prison during the Second World War.

Men, women and even children are locked up here because, in the eyes of the German occupier, they have committed an offence. Feelings of fear, boredom and belief in freedom are mixed here.Prisoners spend days in their cells without anything to do. How can they stand it? Friendships are made and some women can embroider in their cells and make the most beautiful creations. Their embroideries are a way of processing the experiences.

During this talk, curator Maia Bijl will take a closer look at the embroideries in the Oranjehotel and other expressions from which people drew hope at the time. Exclusively for participants of JustPeace she will show a number of pieces from the collection that have never been exhibited before.

Practical Information: free for visitors of the Oranjehotel (€ 12,50 for adults. MK or Ooievaarspas free).

Nationaal Monument Oranjehotel

Van Alkemadelaan 1258
2597BP, Den Haag

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