International Peace Day Hybrid Conference

  • Date: 21 September 18:00 - 20:30
  • Location: Online

What is the contribution of mediators to a more peaceful and just world?

Mediation not only resolves disputes but can also bring peace and healing to the parties. As conflicts and crises abound worldwide, a mediator’s transferrable skillset and mindset and the structure of the mediation process have a have a larger role to play. To mark World Peace Day, join us in reflecting on how mediators can contribute to a more peaceful and just world.

We will explore mediators’ role in peacebuilding as well as their important role in enabling business to be conducted smoothly and Environmental, Social and Governance goals to be met by societies.

Bearing in mind that lawyers are often instrumental for mediations to be considered and their outcome to be successful, we will likewise explore mediation advocacy best practices – how it enhances a lawyer’s practice, what are the benefits for lawyers and clients alike and what is the role of training and the IMI Mediation Advocacy Criteria and certification.

Join the International Mediation Institute and an expert panel of mediation, legal industry and corporate leaders in reflecting on this platform for dialogue and cross-pollination of ideas!


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