Guided tour of crime and punishment at the Prison Gate

  • Date: 16 July
  • Location: Rijksmuseum De Gevangenpoort

Take a guided tour and learn about crime and punishment through the ages.

Experience what it's like to be locked up in the Gajols. Hear how it ended with the De Witt brothers.

Walk with one of our expert guides:

12:00 p.m.: Dutch-speaking (Saturday and Sunday)

13:00: English-speaking (Saturday and Sunday)

14:00: Dutch-speaking (Tuesday through Sunday)*.

15:00: Dutch (Tuesday through Sunday)*

*also on Mondays when the museum is open (vacations, April 1 to October 31)

Duration: approximately 45 min, cost €5 per person.

Tickets are available here: Online tickets (

Telephone reservations are not possible.

Guided tours with your own group

You can also get a group tour of the Prison Gate on request. Great for a team outing or a family day. A tour can be scheduled in consultation at any time that the museum is open. Group bookings are not possible on Sundays and holidays only.

Reservations and information at or 070 - 346 08 61.

Rijksmuseum De Gevangenpoort

Buitenhof 33
2513 AH Den Haag

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