Do it yourself, do it together!

At the Theatre De Vaillant, you experience and create the culture of the new Netherlands on stage, in the organization, and in the kitchen. We see it as our task to be an inviting theatre for all residents of The Hague, especially in the Central district. The culture of residents and talents from the Schilderswijk and Transvaal neighborhoods plays a key role in this. In doing so, we make space for people and performing arts that have not yet found a place in the cultural establishment of the city and the country.

Participation is the keyword. Everyone who wants to join in, can present themselves at De Vaillant. From taking a step onto stage or simply finding a nice workspace: De Vaillant is a professional theatre with a broad cultural perspective. Colorful artists and a diverse audience make De Vaillant inclusive and accessible to everyone, thereby setting an example for others.

De Vaillant is the immersive theater of the new Dutch culture. Experience it!