The mission of Integrity Initiatives International (III, pronounced "triple I") is to strengthen the enforcement of criminal laws to punish and deter leaders who are corrupt and regularly violate human rights, and also to create opportunities for the democratic process to replace them with leaders dedicated to serving their citizens rather than enriching themselves.

III works to end grand corruption in a range of ways including supporting national measures such as the special anti-corruption court in Ukraine and forging an international network of youth leaders working on the frontlines of anti-corruption in their countries. It is the leading advocate for the establishment of an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC), and it is now catalyzing and coordinating the international campaign to establish it.

    Relevant links:
    - Click here to see the Declaration in Support of the Creation of the International Anti-Corruption Court, signed by nearly 300 world leaders from over 80 countries 
    - Dutch Minister Hoekstra of Foreign Affairs is committed to working towards the creation of the IACC
    - Canada is also committed to working with international partners to establish the IACC
    - Nigeria supports the creation of the IACC
    - Listen to Judge Mark Wolf (Chair of III) discuss the IACC on the BBC HARDtalk podcast
    - Watch three leading legal experts present their vision of a new international court
    - Read more about the IACC on the III website and sign up for the quarterly newsletter