Welcome to Dialoog in Den Haag (Dialogue in The Hague), the volunteer network that provides meaningful encounters. 

Dialoog in Den Haag organises dialogues for residents of The Hague together with a variety of organisations. Dialogue helps us to come to something new together, instead of convincing each other. A dialogue is personal because we meet each other from our own experiences. It is precisely in these experiences that the pearls of new insights or, on the other hand, shared recognition are to be found. Dialoog in Den Haag connects organisations and people with in-depth conversations on topical, human, social and sometimes unspoken subjects.

Dialoog in Den Haag helps you:

  • find a dialogue about a theme that concerns you
  • with the organisation of dialogues
  • with a warm and enthusiastic dialogue leader
  • with various dialogue skills training courses
  • find the right dialogue format to suit your purpose and the participants
  • inspiring network meetings for everyone with a warm heart for dialogue
  • make dialogue known to a broader network
  • reinforcing programmes with dialogue
  • give meaning to encounters
  • to provide an overview of all dialogues that are organised.

Curious? www.dialoogindenhaag.nl 
@: wendy@dialoogindenhaag.nl
M: 06 206 109 21..