Creative action at PlanetJams

On April 21, the first PlanetJams took place as part of the Party4Planet event organised by Just Peace partner Holland Park Media – a bubbling and cross-sectoral evening where art, culture, and sustainability all came together in discussion about the transformational potential of creative action.

The intimate setting of the event made sure of a gezellig coming together of artists, activists, designers; photographers, and much more. All of them were fizzing with ideas around how to protect and restore our planet. Under the careful guidance of Marieke Rietbergen of the Design Innovation Group, ten panellists gave their perspectives and shared their knowledge around how art and creative activities can contribute to a better future for our planet. Their stories and insights were very well received by attendees, and led to plenty of discussions both at and after the event.

PlanetJams was part of Party4Planet, a unique event to mark Earth Day. Party-goers came together, shared ideas, and danced to the rhythm of a better world, with the room full of energy and potential.

The main message from PlanetJams was that the fusion of art, culture, and sustainability have enormous potential. Every stroke of the brush, each song lyric, and creative process can form a source of inspiration for people to undertake environmental action! This was clear to see from the success of PlanetJams: the event reminding everyone that art and culture have enormous potential to cross boundaries and bring everyone together in share purpose. Hopefully, the creative energy unleashed by PlanetJams can continue to drive forward attempts to create a better and more sustainable world.

PlanetJams couldn’t have happened without the initiative of Johan Oudshoorn, Oupro Media, and Adrie Huissoon from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. Thanks to their passion and initiative the first PlanetJams was a huge success, and has helped to clear the way for further editions in the future. PlanetJams will continue to look into how to bring together art, culture, and sustainability – and how to harness these forces to create a better world; step by step, so that creativity can live and our planet bloom.