Party 4 Peace

  • Date: 22 September 17:30 - 23:59
  • Location: The Hague Tech & Online

Party4Peace is a hybrid event bringing humanitarian and international peace activists and their causes to new audiences through live-music and visual entertainment. Join us as we dance our way to peace with inspirational stories; powered by a lineup of our DJs.

Party4PeaceInternational Day of Peace
The United Nations general assembly has called for a 24-hour Ceasefire around the world to honour the International day of Peace(21 September) . On the 22nd of September, we will come together in unity to celebrate a continued ceasefire through music and dance.

Party4Peace x Just Peace Month
As the International city of Peace and Justice, The Hague is the home-ground to Party4Peace as well as Just Peace Month which will feature over 100 events and activities related to peace and justice. At Party4Peace, you'll get to meet many peace activists, NGOs, civil society organisations, as well as people of all backgrounds and professions who dream of living in a peaceful and just society. 

Peace Disco @ The Hague Tech
Nothing gets people up and moving faster than music. Call your friends, grab some drinks, and join us live at Peace Disco at The Hague Tech. This is the in-person part of the event where you get to dance the night away to a more peaceful world. 

Entrance is completely free and finger food is available. You can bring your own drinks or grab a drink and some food at the location.

Peace Networking @ The Hague Tech
You'll get a chance to meet and networking fellow peacemakers, activists, or just passionate citizens at the in-person event venue in The Hague.

Join online via Zoom
If you're not in The Hague, it doesn't matter! Call your friends and get together wherever you are. You can watch the livestream and participate in the event remotely with your laptop or phone. Guide to follow shortly.

The Hague Tech & Online

Wilhelmina van Pruisenweg 35
2595AN, Den Haag

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