Humanistic Cafe: Ecohumanism

  • Date: 02 February 18:00
  • Location: Grand Cafe Utopie

With droughts, natural disasters, and changing temperatures, it is clear that it's not going very well with the Earth. Many are now convinced of this. Yet, measures to help the Earth are often met with strong objections. Last fall, various departments of Humanist Alliance in Rotterdam brainstormed on this problem with representatives from science, activists from Extinction Rebellion and former politician Jan Terlouw. The inspiring meeting ended with this conclusion: the situation is serious, we know of possible solutions, and the change necessary is radical for people. Encouraging and supporting each other is extremely important in this situation.

In the humanist café on February 2, Rosa Groen will be the guest speaker. Rosa is a lecturer/researcher and teacher of European Studies at the Haagse Hogeschool, where sustainability is integrated into many subjects. Additionally, Rosa has been named Sustainable Teacher of Higher Education 2022/2023.

How does she integrate the various aspects of sustainability into her curriculum and how does she encourage students to put sustainability into practice both theoretically and practically? At the humanist café, there will be an opportunity to discuss ecohumanism with her.

More information about Rosa Groen can be found here.

More information on the topic of ecohumanism can be found on the Humanist Alliance website here.

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