The United Nations wants to tackle the greatest global challenges with sustainable solutions. To this end, they have formulated Sustainable Development Goals, which they want to achieve before 2030. These SDGs are seventeen goals to make the world a better place. The SDGs have been agreed by the countries that are members of the United Nations (UN), including the Netherlands. The goals were based on global input from organizations and individuals.

The world population is growing, technology is developing at lightning speed and we are almost permanently online. As a result, we are increasingly connected with each other. At the same time, we are increasingly aware of our influence on nature and climate, and that we desperately need our natural environment. Working towards achieving the SDGs has become even more important since the global corona crisis. Vulnerable communities have become even more vulnerable. If we don’t work together to achieve the goals, many people around the world will experience even more poverty, insecurity and injustice.

The SDGs are also very important for the city of The Hague. Not only because The Hague is the city of peace & justice, but also because cities play an important role in achieving these global goals. More and more people around the world are living in cities, which is why it is precisely those cities that will ultimately determine the success of a country in achieving the SDGs. The Hague has a unique ecosystem with many international organizations and NGOs working on global goals, and together we can make a difference.