“Hope for Peace, Harmony and a United HUMANITY” is the core message of the Walk of Hope, which aims to spread the message of nonviolence, tolerance and peace among the youth of The Hague, especially school children and students.

The Walk of Hope (WOH) was endorsed by the United Nations as “an unprecedented Walk and a laudable peace initiative” . The Undersecretary-General of the United Nations and Special Adviser to the Secretary-General (UNUSG) for the prevention of genocide, Mr. Adama Dieng also took part in the Walk of Hope in The Hague in 2017 (See video above), as well as Ms Saskia Bruines, deputy mayor. More than 1500 students from 9 Dutch and international schools participated in the Walk in 2018 . Other activities were organized in both editions of the Walk of Hope, including student conferences on the topic of peace, tolerance and solidarity.

The Walk of Hope is inspired by Sri M, founder of The Walk of Hope who started in 2015 with a walk of 7,500 km from the most southerly to the most northerly points of India.

On 7 October at 17.30, we will host a live conversation via Instagram and facebook, where we will explore the “Hidden struggles of COVID 19” and talk about how we can come together in in this global pandemic, with a keen interest in Education. This conversation between students of International Schools and Universities in The Hague and Mr Youssef Mahmoud, former Under Secretary-General of the UN, former Senior Advisor at the international Peace Institute, will be live and accessible to all. We look forward to your participation for an open and fruitful discussion!