Peace in the Park is an annual festival that takes place in the Palace Garden in The Hague. The occasion for the first edition in September 2013 was the centenary of the Peace Palace. The character of Peace in the Park is distinguished by focusing on the development and (re) discovery of inner peace. This is reflected in both the programming and the atmosphere of the festival. Peace in the Park creates an environment in which the relationship with inner peace can flourish and connections can easily arise: meeting each other in a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere, with room for depth in conversations and participation in all kinds of programs.

The Peace in the Park foundation works from the vision below: “We see a The Hague where peace is visible in people. Peace as a universal force regardless of religion, culture or origin. Peace as an inner dimension that brings you closer to yourself, your neighbourhood and your fellow citizens. Peace as a source of inspiration that inspires people to connect with others or to take action and develop initiatives ”.

This view has been translated into a central message, which reads: “Everyone wants peace. You too can do something with peace, in yourself and in your environment. Discover what you can do practically as a first small step and share it with others.”

The organisation consists of a project team that works on a voluntary basis for the realisation of the festival, in collaboration with organisations, local residents and shopkeepers. In the programming and in the cooperation, the vision and the central message are the starting point. The programs inspire residents to reflect on their personal relationship with peace and actively do something about it. The sense of peace is enhanced in an environment where reflection, relaxation and connection are paramount, and that is exactly what can be found at this festival.