Museum de Gevangenpoort is an icon in The Hague, beautifully situated on the Hofvijver. In the 13th century, this building formed the imposing gateway to the Binnenhof. Several centuries later, it became a prison and a court building of the mighty Court of Holland. Here, suspected criminals awaited their trial and defaulters were locked up. Today, Museum de Gevangenpoort tells the exciting story of crime and punishment in times gone by.  

Discover how people were locked up, tried and punished in the past 

Here you can see and experience how people were locked up, tried and punished in bygone days. In which cells were they locked up? Was there a difference between poor and rich prisoners? Where did they hear their verdict? And what punishments were given? Several important moments in Dutch history took place here, such as the murder of the De Witt brothers. You can also view the national collection of torture and punishment instruments in the museum.