Justice and Peace Netherlands is a non-profit organisation based in The Hague that is dedicated to defending and promoting respect for human rights and social justice, worldwide and in the Netherlands.

We follow a solutions-based approach that we can always adapt to the needs of a changing world. Thanks to our 50 years of experience, we know that the most effective way to achieve our vision and mission is to support the actions of local change makers. Change makers are people and organisations who take action and create positive change in their community. Whether they are human rights defenders, activists, artists, journalists, lawyers, language teachers, volunteers, youth and students, entrepreneurs, filmmakers, policymakers or health workers, change makers are vital to just and peaceful communities. By bringing these people and organisations together and by providing the resources, tools and (international) contacts to achieve their goals, we contribute to the promotion of human rights worldwide.

Today, our projects focus on two main issues – the protection and integration of refugees and the protection and security of human rights defenders. Through our initiative Samen Hier, we work to improve the integration of newcomers in the Netherlands, build resilient and welcoming societies, and actively lobby for safe pathways for refugees and migrants. With our worldwide initiative Shelter City, we provide vital protection and support to human rights defenders at risk through temporary relocation and holistic security training, so that they can continue their work safely and effectively over the longer term. Alongside our projects, Justice and Peace actively promotes the respect for human rights by raising awareness through events, publications, petitions, and educational outreach.


Justice and Peace works on the following Sustainable Development Goals of the UN