Discover how Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice, supports prosecutors around Europe to solve international cases of serious, cross-border crime.

In today’s connected world, criminals increasingly often form international networks to commit systematic, serious crimes, such as fraud, human trafficking, theft, drugs smuggling and terrorist actions.

In the EU, each Member State controls its national police and justice systems to bring such criminals to justice and the police can never act alone. To uncover and investigate cross-border crime, national judicial authorities around Europe therefore have to work closely together. 

Eurojust, the EU Agency for Criminal Justice, is a unique hub where prosecutors from all EU Member States and beyond get hands-on, practical assistance to exchange information, draw up common strategies and coordinate and monitor joint action days. 

In 2019, Eurojust provided practical support to almost 8,000 investigations and, case by case, helped create a safer Europe by helping judicial authorities take drugs and weapons off the streets, stopping human trafficking networks and stripping criminals off illegal profits.


Eurojust works on the following Sustainable Development Goals of the UN