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Arthur Wiggers – deputy director of VNG International: The municipality of The Hague is one of the municipalities for the Global Goals (Sustainable Development Goals -SDGs) and I would say that anyone who thinks it is important that sustainability is also worked locally, take a look at which parties all giving substance to these SDGs within the municipality ”

José Kukulu – Staff Interpreter at the ICC: “I am proud to work at the International Criminal Court because I was one of the first interpreters to work in the first trial of the ICC.

Prof. Dr. Alanna O’Malley – Leiden University – The Hague High School “October 24 is the day of the United Nations and this year also the 75th anniversary of the UN. We hold a special dialogue with the President of the International Court of Justice and the Mayor of The Hague and some students who present their vision for the future of the UN.”

Suzan Goes – Shelter City – Justice & Peace “I find it necessary to support human rights activists because they often work in countries where their rights are oppressed and where they are at risk because they stand up for their own rights and the rights of others.”

Rebecca Mignot-Mahdavi and Dr Dimitri van den Meerssche, T.M.C Asser Institute: “We work on developing policy-relevant knowledge to combat terrorism, international crime and threats in general”

Skander Lejmi, Walk of Hope / Student at The International School of The Hague; “Unfortunately, due to corona we cannot promote our message by walking together this year, so we are organizing a Live Instagram discussion and conversation about solidarity and peace in corona time.”

Maarten Okkersen, Museon: “What I am very proud of is that in recent years the Museon in particular has made a move towards the dossier of peace and justice and that we have taken the Sustainable Development Goals as the starting point for everything we do.”

Diana Timmer, Museum De Gevangenpoort: “The city of peace and justice actually started in this place! The most important court cases in the country took place here.”

UNICEF Netherlands

Souhail Haouari of UNICEF Netherlands: “No child wants to be torn from his or her living environment, no child asks for hunger or violence. Every child wants to be safe, play with friends and go to school. Every child must be given that chance and Unicef is there for every child, everywhere and always!”

Alexandre Taillandier, The Hague Humanity Hub: “The Hague breathes peace and justice. At the heart of the city lies the Humanity Hub which provides a home to a unique ecosystem of organizations and professionals striving for a more peaceful and just world and acts as a catalyst for collaboration.”

Joek van Werkhoven, Oranjehotel (short): “If everyone takes one step forward in the whole series of peace and security, then we will cover miles together. Just one step.”

Joek van Werkhoven, Oranjehotel (long): “If everyone takes one step forward in the whole series of peace and security, then we will cover miles together. Just one step.”

Alderman Saskia Bruines about Just Peace Month: “This year is a special year. We are celebrating 75 years of freedom and we also have a nasty side effect, namely that due to corona we cannot do the things we are used to. That is why this year we opted for a different setup, an online platform.”