Thursday 24 September 2020 19:00 until 21:00
Organised by Europe House

Speak-dating sessions as part of the European Day of Languages, on Thursday 24 September.

EUNIC Netherlands, in collaboration with the OBA, is celebrating the yearly European Day of Languages. This day, taking place every year on the 26th of September, has become a tradition over time. To mark this event, a programme has been put together for the 24th of September at the OBA Oosterdok.

The European Day of Languages celebrates the enormous linguistic diversity within Europe. This day brings attention to all the different languages in Europe, and promotes the value of learning a new language. On the 24th of September, there will be a lecture by Sharon Unsworth on multilingualism, and a series of ‘speak-dating’ sessions.

Sharon Unsworth is a linguist at the Radboud University in Nijmegen. Unsworth researches what factors determine the success of bilingual education, and is passionate about passing on this knowledge to parents, teachers and policy-makers.

The ‘speak-dating’ sessions consist of one-on-one lessons by a native speaker, during which you’ll briefly get acquainted with a new language. We’ll have native speakers of German, French, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Gaeilge, Slovenian, Turkish, Spanish, Greek, Finnish, Polish and Austrian. In short you’ll experience the wealth of European languages!