Thursday 24 September 2020 00:00 until 00:00
Organised by Europol

One of Europol’s key activities is public awareness and prevention.

Often referred to as ‘sextortion’ or ‘webcam blackmailing’, the online coercion and extortion of children – a form of digital blackmail where sexual information or images are used to extort sexual material, sexual favours or money, has skyrocketed in the past years, but remains largely underreported.

In response to this worrying phenomenon, the European law enforcement community has joined forces to launch a campaign, #SayNo!”, supported by Europol, to give advice to those who have been, or are likely to be targeted, and to strengthen reporting and support mechanisms.

If this happens to you: #SayNo! Look for help. Tell a friend or an adult you trust or report it to the police. You are not alone.

Learn how this crime works on Europol’s website