Heeswijkplein (Moerwijk) Safe for Everyone 24/7

  • Date: 29 September 15:00 - 22:00
  • Location: Voormalig Schoolgebouw

Workshop organised by Platform STAD: Making home really feel like home and public space safe
[This event is in Dutch only]

Heeswijkplein in Moerwijk was redesigned in 2017. There were laudatory words for the design and residents' participation. Yet not everyone from the neighbourhood still feels safe in this area. This is especially true in the evening and at night. That is why Platform STAD is organising a design workshop on safety and liveability around Heeswijkplein.

We do this with residents and a design team of professionals. They will come up with ideas (together) so that this place is experienced as safe and pleasant during the day and in the evening. Why do people dare not go out on the streets in the evening? Can a different layout, alternative habitats or lighting change this? Temporary layout Make from the ideas that emerge during this first meeting, we will create (at a later date) a temporary experimental test layout. This will make the layout in the public space visible to everyone. And we will test whether the ideas really work. We will then present the results in a STAD talk.

Programme workshop 29 September 2022
In this meeting on 29 September 2022, we first look back at research already done in Moerwijk by Remy Kroeze of Dear Hunter. Many Moerwijk residents are very involved in their living environment.
Tobias Woldendorp (WoldendorpWildervank) talks about safe design of public spaces.
And Eline Keus (Oase urbanism and landscape) on the role of landscape design.
Denis Oudendijk of Refunc will show how they use residual materials for all kinds of objects and design of public spaces.
They then get to work with the participants. What is the perception of safety and liveability during different times of the day? What is needed for a safe environment in Heeswijkplein?

15:30 walk-in with coffee and tea
welcome by Bram Heijkers (Platform STAD)
presentations on Moerwijk, social safety and public space design: Remy Kroeze (Dear Hunter), Eline Keus (OASE urbanism and landscape), Tobias Woldendorp (WoldendorpWildervank), Denis Oudendijk (Refunc)
joint exploration of Heeswijkplein area (walk).
meal and start of workshop
 walk to the square in (twilight) darkness
continuation of workshop
conclusion with a drink

Voormalig Schoolgebouw

Twickelstraat 5
2531 PW Den Haag

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